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Cloning Email and SMS Templates
Cloning Email and SMS Templates

Learn how to clone templates from one lead type to another

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If you have multiple lead types (such as, one for your Texas leads, the other for your Georgia leads), you may want to use the same email or SMS templates for each one. However, it's a pain to copy and paste each template, one-by-one, from one lead type to another. That's why we give you the handy option of template cloning. 

Note that the cloning process is the same for both email and SMS templates.

If you want to clone all your SMS templates from one lead type to another, (from your Texas leads to your Georgia leads, for example) simply navigate to the SMS templates page under settings. First, make sure that the page is set to show your Georgia SMS templates using the dropdown at the top.

Next, click the "Clone from Lead Type" dropdown and select the option that says "Texas".

A moment after you click "Texas", all the SMS templates from that lead type will be cloned and made available for use in your Georgia stages and workflows. 

And there you have it! Simple and so much faster than copy pasting!

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