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Learn about duplicate leads and how LeadSimple detects them.

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Important: this feature only applies to leads that are being automatically imported into LeadSimple through the Sources page. Leads added manually, through Zapier, or via a csv import are not checked for duplicates. Please search your leads before adding leads manually, and check your spreadsheet for duplicates before sending it over for import.

LeadSimple will detect duplicate leads when a new automatically imported lead matches one or more of the following criteria with an existing lead:

  1. Email matches exactly

  2. Phone number matches exactly

  3. Name AND Zip (must be both) match exactly

If a lead is flagged as a duplicate here's what happens:

  1. The lead skips the notification order and is automatically assigned to the agent assigned to the original lead

  2. The originally assigned agent is sent an email notice that contains any new comments left by the lead

  3. The lead is placed in the stage Duplicate and a 'Duplicate' tag is added to the lead record. (See 5.)

  4. The option to merge the duplicate leads will be put on each duplicate's lead record.

  5. Duplicate leads will not receive any auto-emails or text messages set to send out from your stages/workflows.

This feature prevents duplicate emails from being sent to the wrong person and creating confusion. You can filter out duplicate leads using filters from the leads page.

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