How to Export Lead Data

Learn how to export your leads into an excel spreadsheet and download them.

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How to Export Lead Data

It's incredibly easy to export your lead data from LeadSimple.

From the leads page, click on the button in the top right that says 'Export Leads'.

This will initiate a download of a .xls file that will contain the following fields:

  1. Pipeline Name

  2. Assigned To

  3. Stage Name

  4. Stage Status

  5. Source Name

  6. Referrer Name

  7. Lead Name

  8. Combined Phone Numbers

  9. Tracked Phone Number

  10. Email Address

  11. Address

  12. City

  13. State

  14. Zip Code

  15. Property Type

  16. Occupancy

  17. Tag List

  18. Annual Contract Value

  19. Cost

  20. Created At

  21. Closed At

  22. Next Task Kind

  23. Next Task Due At

  24. Number of Units

If you have a filter active, these settings will be reflected in your export.

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