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Overview of MailChimp Integration
Overview of MailChimp Integration

Learn about LeadSimple's integration with MailChimp and what to use it for

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MailChimp is a powerful email marketing service, specifically designed for large marketing email blasts and newsletters.

LeadSimple does not currently support sending large email blasts, because we use your connected email accounts to send email. Trying to send large email blasts through your email account can cause spam complaints and email throttling issues, keeping your emails from going out and possibly causing your email domain to be marked as spam.

So, we offer a direct integration with MailChimp, allowing you to:

  • Push new and existing leads and contacts into a MailChimp list

  • Pass MailChimp subscriber activities (sends, opens, clicks) into LeadSimple

  • Sync LeadSimple lead activity with MailChimp (stage, source, assignee, pipeline (aka lead type), subscription status) to keep your contacts up to date

Get Started

Step 1: Create your MailChimp account

You will need to create a MailChimp account. They offer a free plan for up to 500 contacts and 2500 email sends a month, as well as paid plans which allow for more contacts and email sends.

Step 2: Connect your LeadSimple & MailChimp accounts

Once you've created your MailChimp account, you need to connect the two accounts. Log into your LeadSimple account and navigate to the Integrations page under Settings in the lefthand sidebar.

Then click "MailChimp" on the integrations page.

Then, click "Connect MailChimp Account". This will open the MailChimp login page.

Log into your MailChimp account on the login page that appears.

You will then be redirected to the MailChimp integration page in LeadSimple, where you can select which pipelines to sync into MailChimp.

Step 3: Choose which pipelines/contacts you want to sync

The next step is to select which pipeline(s) you want to sync into LeadSimple.

Note that:

  • Only the pipelines you select will sync into MailChimp.

  • Only contacts that have email addresses (and valid ones) will sync into MailChimp

  • The sync will keep the contacts updated in MailChimp (pipeline, stage, source, tags, subscription status)

Note that this is a one-way push. It is not possible to sync contacts from MailChimp to LeadSimple. That can be done by exporting the list from MailChimp and importing it into LeadSimple.

Step 4: Segment your contacts in MailChimp

Now that your contacts are synced into MailChimp, it's time to create segments in MailChimp to keep them organized. You can filter your segments by data synced over with the contacts from LeadSimple, such as pipeline (lead type), stage, tags, source, assignee name, and status.

We highly recommend creating segments corresponding to each stage in LeadSimple so you can segment your communication by stage.

To do this, click "Audience" in the lefthand sidebar in MailChimp, then "All Contacts". You will see a list of all your contacts synced from LeadSimple there.

Next, click "New Segment" just above the list of contacts.

In the window that appears, you can choose which attributes to filter the list by.

You can stack filters to create your segment (such as pipeline and stage).

Then hit "Preview Segment" to preview the contacts that will be included in the segment, then hit "Save".

Click the "X" to return to the all contacts view, to create another segment.

After you create your segments, you can switch between them by clicking "View segments".

Step 5: Create your email or campaign

To create and send an email, go to the "All Contacts" page and view the segment you want to send an email to. Then click "Send Campaign".

Next, select "Email Campaign".

This will open up an email builder, where you can create as fancy or as simple an email as you want.

Then hit "Continue", confirm your audience, from email, and subject, and then either send the email immediately or schedule it for the future.

And there you have it!

Note that MailChimp is great for sending newsletters or other bulk emails to current owners and tenants, or bulk nurturing emails to lists of realtors or others, while LeadSimple is specifically designed to allow you to build sales and nurturing campaigns for your active leads as they come in from your lead sources.

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