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Sync Your Tasks to Your Calendar
Sync Your Tasks to Your Calendar

Learn how to connect your tasks in LeadSimple to your Google, Apple or Outlook calendar.

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You can connect your tasks in LeadSimple to your Google, Apple or Outlook calendar.
This allows you to see your tasks in LeadSimple more easily on your mobile phone since you don't have to log in to LeadSimple from your browser app. Note that you can only edit tasks in LeadSimple and not from your calendar app.

Step 1: Navigate to the page

To set this up, login to LeadSimple and click "Tasks" in the sidebar. In the upper right corner of this page, click the "Add to Calendar" button. 

This will bring you to the calendar sync page.

Step 2: Choose lead type, assignee and task types

Next, you'll need to select which lead types, users and task types you want to include in the sync. 

Step 3: Copy the URL

Step 4: Add the URL to your calendar app

The last step is to click the image in your account (not the image below) that matches the calendar app you use. This will open a page which contains instructions for completing the sync with your specific calendar provider. (For Google Calendar, follow the instructions under "Use a link to add a public calendar".)

(Please note that we do not have control over how often your calendar app checks for new/updated tasks in LeadSimple. It may only happen a couple times a day.)

Here's How to Update Integrated Calendar Tasks

Whenever you want to update the "task types" which are synced to your calendar, begin by following "Step 1 "as listed above, then click on the tasks you no longer want to receive in the "Add Tasks to Calendar" window (selected tasks will remain in grey and the de-selected ones will have a white background). Subsequently, you must follow steps 2 through 4 before clicking done on said window. After copying and adding the new URL into your calendar app, click done and your synced tasks will have been updated.

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