Making a Note

Learn why and how to create notes on leads.

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Making a Note

Even though calls and emails are automatically tracked, you may want to leave a note with additional information OR you may want to document a call or email that took place outside of LeadSimple.

Adding A Note

Click on the 'Note' button above the lead's activity record.

Type the note and click the green check box to save it or red trash can icon to cancel it.

Once the note is saved you can click on it to edit it again.

Manually Logging A Call or Email

If you make a call, send an email or text outside of LeadSimple, or have a meeting with the lead, you can log it manually.

Click on the 'Manual' button on the lead record.

You can select any of the drop downs and make a note of what you did.

The note will show up in the lead's activity feed.

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