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Can I Import Leads from a Spreadsheet or CSV?
Can I Import Leads from a Spreadsheet or CSV?

Learn how to import leads from an excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

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We can import a spreadsheet of leads into your account on the back end. To ensure that your spreadsheet can be imported, please format it as outlined below before sending it over to

Here is a video on how to format your spreadsheet

Required Columns

Make sure you have the three following columns filled out in your spreadsheet. A spreadsheet cannot be imported unless it contains these three columns and each row must have a value. Note that each row will be imported as a lead. You can view the standard upload format here.ย 

  • Name (the lead's full name in one column.) *If you wish to include the Company Name you can add them next to their name separated by a hyphen "-" e.g. John Doe - My Company*

  • Stage Name (the sales stage (such as "New Lead", "Passive Nurturing", etc) you would like each lead to be imported into. This must match a stage currently in your account.)

  • Pipeline Name (the Pipeline (formerly "lead type") each lead should be imported into. You can find your pipelines under "Leads" on your dashboard page. Note that you might only have one.)

  • Created At / Closed At (These columns are only required if you are importing a list of current clients/won leads. If you do not include the created at and closed at dates in the spreadsheet, your reports will show these leads as having been created at and closed at on the date of import. This will affect your reporting for the first month of using LeadSimple and will also affect your sales forecasting dashboard. Learn more here.)

Optional Columns

These columns are optional and do not have to be included. If you have other info that needs to be imported, but you don't see it included here, please reach out to or use the chatbox in the bottom right corner of this page and we'll help you out!

LeadSimple info:

  • Source Name (i.e. where the lead came from. Must match a source in your account. Learn how to add another source here.)

  • Assigned To (the user in your account to assign the leads to)

Contact Info

  • Email

  • Phones Mobile (please include each type of phone number in its own column. If not specified, phone numbers are imported as mobile. If you have multiple for one lead, you may keep them in the same column and separate them with commas.)

  • Phones Office

  • Phones Home

  • Mailing Address (This is the mailing address for the contact and will be added to the lead's contact card. An address in these columns will not be imported as a property.)

  • Mailing City

  • Mailing State

  • Mailing Zip Code

Property Info

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

  • Property Type

  • Occupancy

  • Num Bedrooms

  • Num Bathrooms

  • Square Feet


  • Comments

  • Tags (Multiple can be separated by commas)

  • Created At Date

  • Closed At Date

  • Deal Value

  • Lead Cost

  • Custom Fields (only available to Dominate, Growth, and Operations accounts. Make sure the name of your column is exactly as it appears in LeadSimple.)

Final notes:

  1. There is a 10,000 lead limit per spreadsheet for importing spreadsheets. If you have a larger spreadsheet, please split it into multiple spreadsheets and make sure each is formatted correctly.

  2. Please note that all records in the spreadsheet will be imported. Duplicates will NOT be detected or removed by the importer, and will be added as separate leads. This can cause duplicate emails to be sent to the same lead, so please check your spreadsheet for duplicates before sending it over for import.

  3. IMPORTANT: If you are importing a list with the intent to have them start on an automatic email campaign, please note that every email provider has a certain daily sending rate limit. LeadSimple has some firewalls to avoid hitting this rate limit (sending 100/day), but it becomes increasingly difficult as the list grows larger. Also, note that your email account may be flagged as spam by your email provider. Because of this, we highly recommend using our direct integration with MailChimp for lists over 500.

After you've formatted the spreadsheet, send the data in a .csv file to and we will upload it for you and let you know when the import is completed. ๐Ÿ‘ย 

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