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Can I make task due dates relative to the move in date or other custom date?
Can I make task due dates relative to the move in date or other custom date?

Learn how to set the due date for workflow steps to be relative to a date field on the process

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Some tasks in your process need to be completed a certain number of days before a specific date. For example, a task might need to be completed 5 days before the move-in date on your Move In process. Or an email should be sent to the tenant 90 days before the lease expires.

Note: Custom step delays can also be used in pipelines if you are on the Operations plan. This feature is not available for pipelines for accounts on the Growth plan (CRM only). You can review the Operations plan here.

You can set this up in your process using custom step delays.

Create a Custom Date Field

Click Custom Fields under Settings in the main sidebar navigation. Scroll down to processes to add your custom field to the Process type of your choice.

  1. Select the Process Type (Move Ins in our example)

  2. Name the field by adding a label

  3. Select "Date / Time" as the Data type

Create a Workflow Step

Now, go to the settings for your process type and click "Stages & Workflows". Click the stage you want to add the step to and click one of the step type options at the bottom of that page to create the step.

Set a Delay

Now, click the text to the left of the step that says "immediately". 

1. Set the amount of time

2. Set the delay to "before". This allows it to be relative to a specific date.

3. Choose the date field you want the task to be relative to. This can be a custom field or static field on the process.

Now your task will be scheduled 5 days before the move in date when a Move In process enters that stage.

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