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Embed Videos in Email Templates
Embed Videos in Email Templates

Make your communications stand out by embedding videos in your email templates.

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Email is a very common way of communication in the modern era. However, video is taking the world by storm. It gives your company a personal connection, gets you face to face with your prospects and clients more often, and keeps them interested and engaged in your brand.

We've built the video embed feature in LeadSimple to help you use video in your sales process. Here are some examples of videos you can send:

  1. Welcome/Introduction video (Introduce yourself and give a face to the name!)

  2. Q&A video (Address common questions)

  3. Handoff video (Make the transition smooth when the lead turns to a client)

  4. Request an online review

Record Your Video

So how do you actually embed these videos in your emails? LeadSimple supports videos hosted on: 

  1. YouTube

  2. Vimeo

  3. Loom 

  4. BombBomb

Just record a video on your phone and upload it to Vimeo or Youtube. Or use Loom, a free tool for easy recording using your webcam.

Once you've created your video, copy the link to use in LeadSimple.

Embed Your Video

Note that when we say "embed your video," we mean embed a thumbnail linking to your video. Most email providers don't allow an actual video to be embedded in the email, so that's why LeadSimple embeds a linked thumbnail.

Inside LeadSimple, click the Video icon at the bottom of the email editor.

Paste the link to the video you'd like to embed.

Note when embedding a BombBomb video: use the long URL, not the short URL you get by clicking "Link & Share." Instead, get your link by clicking "Copy", or by copy/pasting the short URL into your browser, then copying the long link that then appears.

Note when embedding a non-public YouTube video: be sure that your video is unlisted on YouTube. If it is a private video, it will not appear.

Note when embedding a YouTube short: You'll need to change the link slightly in order for LeadSimple to recognize a link to a YouTube short.

Note when embedding a Vimeo video: Please be sure your video is not categorized as "Unlisted."

Click on the embedded video to customize how it looks (Thumbnail Image, Size, & Video Title).

Embed Video in Templates for Use in Automated Workflows

If you'd like to automatically send your video to leads in a certain stage, you can embed it in an email template and attach it to a workflow. 

This is ideal for introduction videos to new leads, requests for reviews shortly after signing a contract, etc.

Go to your email templates page by clicking Settings > Lead Type Settings. Make sure you're in the right pipeline by clicking the drop down menu in the top left.

Click Email Templates. Create a new template or edit a current template. Follow the steps outlined above to embed your video in the template alongside your message and save the template.

Now click "Stages and Workflows" on the left and choose the stage you want to add the template to. 

Add an email step and attach the template to the step.

Click the lightning bolt icon to make the email step automatic. (Just a reminder, the automation feature is not included on the Get Organized Plan.)

Set your preferred delay on the step, and you're all ready to go! Now when a lead enters that stage, they'll receive an email with your video automatically. 

Now you're ready to get out there and start using video in your sales process!

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