Source Routing: Mapping Sources to Stages

Learn how to set up different workflows and autoresponders for each of your lead sources.

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So, you've set up your sources to auto-import into LeadSimple, and you've set up a workflow for new leads as they come in. Great work!

However, what if you want to have a different workflow, email drip campaign, or auto-responder email depending on what source the lead is coming from? That's where LeadSimple's Source Routing feature comes in! 

(Note that the Source Routing feature is included in our Growth plan.)

Step 1 - Create a workflow to route your source to
The first step is to create your alternate workflow. (The default stage for leads to fall into when they are auto-imported is the first orange, "Prospective" stage.)

Navigate to the Stages & Workflows page (Settings > Lead Type Settings > Stages & Workflows), and make sure you're in the correct lead type using the drop down menu in the top left corner. 

Add another stage or click into one of your current stages to create your alternate workflow. This help article goes in depth on how to create a workflow.

Step 2 - Route your source to your workflow
The next step is to route your leads to your newly created workflow. Navigate to the Sources tab (Settings > Lead Type Settings > Sources) to edit your sources.

Add your new source or click on an existing one. (If you need help on setting up auto-import, click here.)

Click on the drop down menu "Stage to create leads in" to choose the stage you want leads from this source to auto-import into. 

Choose your stage from the drop down menu and save the source. Now your leads from this source will go into this stage instead of the default (which is the first "Prospective" stage) when they are auto-imported into LeadSimple!

(If you need help on setting up auto-import, click here. Or if you need instructions on creating a workflow, click here.)

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