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Adding Properties to a Lead

Learn how to link one or more properties to a lead.

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LeadSimple now allows you to add multiple properties to a deal, and also to add a property to multiple deals! 

(For example, you can connect the same property to the owner lead and also to any prospective tenant leads. Then, using the property table, you can view all the relationships connected to that property: the owner and all prospective tenants, as well as where those tenants are in the screening process.)

Adding a property to a new lead

To add a property to a new lead that you are creating, all you need to do is search for that property or create a new one from the create lead window.

Adding a property to an existing lead

If you have an existing lead that you'd like to add one or more properties to, you can do that from the lead page. 

Click into the lead record you want to add the property to and click "Add a property to this lead" in the righthand sidebar. 

If there is a property already connected to this lead and you would like to add another, click the "+" symbol above it to add another property. 

You can then search your current properties or add a brand new property by clicking "Add New". 

Now, from the properties table, we can view this property and all the owners and tenants or other relationships associated with it. 

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