Adding Contacts to a Lead

Learn how to link one or more contacts to a lead record.

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LeadSimple now allows you to add multiple contacts to a lead, and also to add a contact to multiple leads or deals! 

Here's a couple examples of how you could use this feature:

  • If you manage one property for a contact, and then they want to you to manage another property for them, you can create a separate deal for that new property, and add the contact to the deal. Then, using the contact table, you can view all the relationships connected to that contact: including currently managed properties and prospective management opportunities.

  • Another example would be if you have multiple contacts for the same lead (i.e spouse, roommate, etc.) You can now add multiple contacts to the same lead and email them all at once. You can also choose the primary contact for that lead.)

Adding a contact to a new lead

To add a property to a new lead that you are creating, all you need to do is search for that contact (if it already exists) or create a new one from the create lead window.

Adding a contact to an existing lead

If you have an existing lead that you'd like to add one or more contacts to, you can do that from the lead page. 

If there is a contact already connected to this lead and you would like to add another, click the "+" symbol above it to add another contact. 

You can then search your current contacts or add a brand new contact by clicking "Add New". 

Primary Contacts

If you've added more than one contact to a lead, you can choose one to be the primary contact for this lead. That contact will then be the default when making tracked calls and emails, though you can always choose to include the other contact(s).

The first contact will be the primary by default, but to make a different contact the primary contact, simply click the star on the bottom of the contact.

Now, from the contacts table, we can view this contact and all the relationships associated with it. 

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