Creating a New Property

Learn how to create a new property that you can then add to leads.

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You can now create property cards for each of your properties. That property card can then be reused for multiple leads. 

We've also added the ability to create multiple units with the same address if it is a multi-unit property. These units can then be added individually to lead records.  

You can add new properties from the property table or from the create lead window.

Creating a New Property from the Properties Table

To create a new property from the properties table, first navigate to the properties table in the left sidebar.

Click the "+" symbol in the top right.

Fill in the property info. (If it is a multi-unit property, choose one of the multi-unit property types. This will allow you to add multiple units with their own info and relationships to this property. Click here if you want more info on how to manage units.)

Hit save and the property will now appear on your property list and in the search results.

To learn how to add this property to one or more deals, click here.

Creating a New Property from the Create Lead Window

You can also add a new property card while creating a new lead. 

From the lead dashboard, click the "+" symbol in the top right to create a new lead. 

To create a new property, click "Add a property to this lead". You can search your current properties or click "Add New". 

You can then add all the info for this property and save it. It will then add it to this lead, and also to your properties table.

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