Filtering by Custom Field

Learn how to filter your lead, contact, and property lists by custom field.

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You can now filter your lead list (and your contact and property lists as well) by custom field!

Note: Learn more about how to add and use custom fields here.

To filter your list by custom field, simply navigate to the list (contacts, properties, or one of your lead types) and click "Add Filter". The custom fields you have set up for that table will show up at the bottom of the filter list. 

The filter value is dependent on your data type for that custom field. (Note that custom fields with text data types cannot be used to filter your lists.)

  • Number - Between

  • Currency - Between

  • Percentage - Between

  • Multiple Choice - Any options you add to the custom field will appear when filtering this type of custom field.

  • Date - Time range, including custom time range

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