How do I Delete a Contact or Property Entirely?

Learn how to delete a contact or property entirely.

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This article shows you how to delete a contact or property entirely. If you'd like to learn how to simply remove a contact or property from the lead, click here.

(Please note that deleting contacts cannot be undone, and will un-associate them with all activity and leads in the system. Deleting properties will remove them from all leads they're connected to. So you should only delete contacts and properties when absolutely necessary. If you have duplicates in the system, consider using the merge feature instead of deleting the duplicates.)

Also, note that you may not have permission to delete contacts and/or properties. If you do not see the option to delete a contact or property, reach out to an admin on your account to be given access.

Deleting a single contact or property

To delete a single contact (or property), click into the contact and click the trash can icon in the top right.Β 

The system will warn you before deleting the lead.

Deleting a group of contacts or properties

To delete a group of properties (or contacts), use the bulk action feature. From the property table, select the properties you'd like to delete. Then click "Delete" in the top right corner.

Once again, the system will warn you before deleting.


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