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Adding LeadSimple's Pre-set Workflows and Email Templates to Your Account
Adding LeadSimple's Pre-set Workflows and Email Templates to Your Account

Learn how to add the pre-set workflows and email templates to your account so you can then edit and customize them.

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Note that this article covers how to add the pre-sets to a brand new account. If you are cloning the presets into an existing account with current workflows, click here

We offer pre-set owner campaigns, workflows and email templates for property managers. You can choose to have these workflows and templates pre-loaded into your account when signing up for the free trial, but it is also possible to add them in later if you missed that step.

In this article, we'll learn how to clone the pre-set process into your LeadSimple account so you can customize it and start using it with your potential owners!

(If you'd like help cloning these workflows into your account, reach out to and we'll help you out.)

1. Open the Shared Workflow

First, navigate to the shared workflow link you received in the email. If you did not receive that link, let us know at and we'll get that to you.

Log in to your account if you're prompted to do so when you click on the link.

This will open up a preview of the shared process in your account.

Click the "Copy into my account" button in the top right corner. This will copy the process into your Library, where you will then be able to view, edit and customize all the stages, workflows, and templates before setting them live.

2. Customize the Stages, Workflows, and Templates

Now that the process is copied into your Library, you can edit and customize it there. It isn't yet live in your account, so any changes you make will not affect your current stages and leads.

We recommend that you click into each stage and preview and edit the process. 

Click on each email/text template to preview and customize to fit your process. You can edit them directly from the workflow, or click into the Email Templates tab to view all the templates that are included.

Note that the pre-set workflows include text steps and templates. I

3. Cloning the Workflow into Your Account

Once you've edited and customized the templates and workflows, you'll need to clone the process into your LeadSimple account so you can use it. To start this, click the "Use This Workflow" button at the top of the page.

This opens another pop-up window which will walk you through the cloning process. 

Step 1: Choose a Lead Type

The first step asks you what pipeline you want to clone this process into. A new account likely only has one lead type, Owners.

Step 2: Select the Stages to Import

Next, it will ask us what stages we want to import. You have the option of cloning in specific stages or all of the stages. Only the templates inside of the stages you choose to clone will be cloned into your account. In other words, if you choose "Select All" LeadSimple will clone in all the email templates in all of the stages, whereas if you select a specific stage, LeadSimple will only clone the templates in that stage.

Step 3: Decide what to do with Current Stages

Third, you'll need to decide what to do with the stages you currently have set up in your "Owners" lead type. You have the option of,

  1. Replacing your existing stages with the new stages,

  2. or Keeping your existing stages alongside the new ones.

LeadSimple auto-suggests the stages you should replace if the name of the current stage in your account matches the name of one of the stages you're cloning into your account. Otherwise it will simply say "Keep".

Click "Next" to proceed to the final step.

Step 4: Confirm your Choices (IMPORTANT)

Lastly, you'll be asked to choose where existing leads should start in the new stages you're importing into your account. If you don't yet have any real leads in the system, you can ignore this step.

NOTE: If there are automated emails set up inside the process you're cloning into your account, any leads who are merged into one of those stages may receive an email automatically. This could be damaging if the email isn't relevant to that lead.

  • "at the beginning of the new workflow" will start the leads at the beginning of the stage's workflow, generating the tasks for that workflow on each lead starting with the first one (just like it would if you put a lead in the stage manually).

  • "midstream, at the closest similar point" will start leads at the closest point in the workflow of the merge stage that they were at in the old stage. For example, you decide to delete the "New" stage which has leads in it and merge them into the "New Leads" stage which has a different workflow. One of those leads was on the third step in the "New" workflow so LeadSimple would put them at the third step of the "New Leads" workflow when you merge them.

If you chose to KEEP all of your existing stages instead of replacing them with the new ones, the option you select won't make a difference to any leads currently in your account.

This will redirect you to the stages and workflows page in your account where you can view and start managing your process. 

A Note About Text Messaging:

The preset workflows do include sms steps and templates. These steps and templates can only be used on the Growth or Operations plans, or when you activate the SMS & Inbound Calling add-on (on a legacy plan). Click here to learn more about that feature.

If you are not going to use the SMS add-on, you should remove those text steps from the workflows. (The templates will still be saved in your account if you choose to activate the add-on in the future.) 

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