Rewarding Referrers

See who needs to get paid or thanked.

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Check out the articles on Marketing to Referral Sources and Tracking Referred Business before reading this article (if you haven't already).

When receiving referrals, the last thing you want is to forget to pay or thank the referrer. LeadSimple makes it easy to track this, preventing some embarrassing situations...

Create Referral Stages for Owners

First, you'll need to create stages to track the referred business that has or needs to be paid for. These stages are only for tracking closed deals that were referred to you and, as a result, require you to pay the person who referred you that business. You won't use these for other leads.

To set this up, navigate to the pipeline you use to track your Owner leads and clients in LeadSimple (you'll find it under "Leads" in the sidebar). Click the settings icon in the upper-right corner of the page. 

Click "Stages and Workflows" in the navigation that appears. Scroll down to your Customer Stages (hint: they're the green ones).

We'll add two stages. One to remind us to pay the referral and one to indicate that the referral has been paid. 

When you receive the first month's rent from the tenant, log in to LeadSimple and move the lead into "Pay Referral". This will indicate to the person in charge of paying the referral that it needs to be paid. Once the referral is paid, move the lead in question into the stage "Referral Paid". 

Click into the "Pay Referral" stage and add a TODO step with a description of "Pay the referrer" and assign the step to the user on the account who is in charge of paying referrals. When a lead is marked as "Pay Referral", this user will see that TODO task on their task page (and daily agenda email) and will be reminded to do it. Optionally, you could add a reminder to the step as well, to send this user an email when the step is due, just to make sure they don't miss it.

Viewing Referrals by Contact

The set up we covered above will make sure that the correct users are notified and that referrals get paid.

However, it can be useful to measure and report on how many deals a referral source is sending you. You can do this by filtering your Owner pipeline by "Referrer" and selecting referral contact. 

This will filter your list of Owners to display the ones who were referred to you by that contact.

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