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How do I Move a Lead from One Pipeline into Another?
How do I Move a Lead from One Pipeline into Another?

Learn how to move your lead to another pipeline if they were accidentally added to the wrong one.

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Sometimes a lead may come into the wrong pipeline; or maybe you accidentally added them to the wrong pipeline when you created the lead manually. The great thing is you can change the lead to another pipeline quite easily.

Simply click into the lead record and select the new pipeline from the drop down menu in the top right: 

(This action is not yet supported under bulk actions; so if you need a large number of leads moved from one pipeline to another, chat us or contact support at and we'll help get it sorted!)

Note: If the workflows in the pipeline the lead is currently in and the pipeline you're moving the lead to are identical, the lead will start at the same step in the new pipeline as it was in the old pipeline (example, if a lead is on "Discovery Call 2" task in the current pipeline, it will be on the "Discovery Call 2" task in the pipeline you're moving it to). This preserves your lead workflow and you don't have to worry about a lead starting at the beginning of the workflow in the new pipeline!

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