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Saved Views: Creating Custom Reports & Dashboards
Saved Views: Creating Custom Reports & Dashboards

Learn how to customize columns, filters, statistics, and save those settings as reports or views for easy access later.

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Saved Views enable you to customize everything about your lead dashboard (the page with all of your leads on it), so you can quickly see the data that's most important to you and report on any of the data you track in LeadSimple, including custom fields.\

Creating and Editing Saved Views

Watch this video to learn the basics of how to create and edit Saved Views.

Here are a few other things to note about this feature.

  • Only users with permission can customize Saved Views. Only admins are able to add or change views by default. You can change user's permissions by following these instructions.

  • Saved Views are public to everyone who has access to the pipeline the Saved View is in. They can't be made private to a specific user currently.

"Assigned To Me" Filter

We added another filter called "Assigned to Me", which allows you to create a view that will only show the leads of the user who is looking at the view, regardless of who they are. For example, if Sally looks at this view, she will see leads assigned to her, but if Jerry looks at the view he will see leads assigned to him.

Start using Saved Views today with our pre-built views

Want to be more efficient today? Start using Saved Views by copying these pre-made views into your account.ย 

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