Add Documentation to your Shared Processes

Add detailed descriptions and videos of your shared processes so your colleagues or customers know how to use the process

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If you've shared a process with a colleague, on a Facebook group or have sold it to someone, it's important to give that person some explanation of how the process should be used. It could be text with screenshots or a video, but it should give the person an overview of what the process includes, what it's for and how to follow the process to get the best results. Here's how to do that in LeadSimple!

1. Share a Process

If you haven't done this yet, follow these instructions first.

2. Add an Overview

Inside the "My Shared" tab of the Library in your account, click the process that you want to add a description to. You'll be redirected to the "Overview" tab for that shared process. 

Click the pencil icon and use the editor to add screenshots, text and videos (Youtube, BombBomb, Loom, etc...) to the description. 

If you are planning to sell this content, the Overview page is a great place to add your logo and other marketing collateral to make this process fit your branding.

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