Two-Factor Authentication

Learn how to set up two-factor authentication to increase your account's security, how it works, and how to disable it.

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You can set up two-factor authentication in LeadSimple to increase your account's security. This means that you will need a code from an authenticator app on your phone as well as your email and password to log into your LeadSimple account.

Setting it Up

To set it up, you will need to navigate to your profile inside LeadSimple and click on "Two-Factor Authentication" under the header "Login & Security".

The page that appears will have a QR code to scan with your authenticator app. 

You'll need to install Google Authenticator App or another preferred authenticator app to scan the code. The app should walk you through the process of scanning the QR code.

Then, enter the code your app gives you and click submit before the code expires. 

How It Works

Now, you'll need to open your authenticator app every time you log in to LeadSimple. After putting in your email address and password, LeadSimple will prompt you for the current code in your authenticator app. 

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

You can disable two-factor authentication at any time while you are logged in to your account. Just go to your profile and click "Two-Factor Authentication" again. 

Note that each member of your team will need to set up two-factor authentication on their individual log-ins. 

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