On Track vs Off Track Processes

Learn how to use the due date features to track whether a process is on track and how to identify any issues before they become a problem.

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Identify processes that are off-track before they become a problem and ensure that your processes will be completed on time using the on-track/off-track indicators. 

Each process will have one of four indicators at any given time.

  • On track - No overdue tasks

  • Off track - Tasks overdue

  • Overdue - Process incomplete/past its due date

  • Completed - Process completed (shows both the day completed and the due date)

A process that has no overdue tasks will show the green "No overdue tasks" banner. 

When a task goes overdue on a process, it will show with the orange "Tasks overdue" banner. 

When a process goes past its due date without being marked as completed, it will have a red "Overdue!" banner with the due date for the process.

And finally, when a process is completed, the banner will included the completed at date and the date the process was due. A process completed on time with have the completed at date in green, and a process that was completed after its due date will be red.

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