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What fields are supported in conditional logic?

Learn which types of fields you can use as step conditions in your sales or operational workflows

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As pre-requisites, read these articles about conditional logic and custom fields if you aren't already familiar with them. 

Conditional logic allows a process or sales workflow to update in real time when you fill out specific information on the process or lead. For example, if you are running an owner onboarding process and change the HOA custom field to "Yes", that can change your process instantly to display relevant tasks for onboarding an owner in an HOA. This tells your team exactly what they need to do instead of relying on them to remember.

Here's the fields that are supported in conditional logic.


  • All property fields

  • All unit fields

  • Multiple-choice custom fields for properties & units


  • All process fields

  • Multiple-choice custom fields

Commonly asked questions

You might ask, why does conditional logic only support multiple choice custom fields?

Because all other types of fields allow for mistakes when entering information that could cause the process to "break". For example, if a condition was based on a plain text custom field, that custom field would have to be filled out EXACTLY as specified, otherwise the tasks would not appear.

If I add a custom field to the Processes section, can I use that field in conditional logic for one of my sales pipelines (Owners, for example)?

No. While conditional logic can be used for your sales pipelines and your processes, you can't use a process custom field for conditional logic in one of your sales workflows (for your owner leads, for example). You can use any fields on a property or lead with conditional logic in your sales workflows, just not process custom fields.

Why doesn't conditional logic support custom fields on Contacts?

Processes often involve multiple contacts (e.g. more than one owner, multiple tenants, vendors, lawyers, etc...). This makes it very difficult for the process to choose which contact to look at. For example, if one contact has the custom field filled out but another contact does not, should the process generate those tasks anyway or should it wait until all contacts have the field filled out?

Also, ask yourself if the custom field you added to the Contact section could be added to the Process or Property section instead. Often times, that fixes the problem.

If you'd like us to support the use of contact custom fields for conditional logic, please vote on this feature request and explain your use case in a comment on the request!

If you have any feedback on how this could work better, send us an email
( or chat message with a detailed description of your use case and we'll take that into consideration as we make improvements. 

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