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Overview of Operations and Processes
Overview of Operations and Processes

If you're new to LeadSimple, start here to learn the basics of LeadSimple's operations management system.

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This short video gives a quick overview to introduce you to LeadSimple's operations management system features.

Dive deeper into the features in this demo webinar.

LeadSimple is a one-of-a-kind CRM and operations platform built for property management companies. There are plenty of checklist softwares out there, but they all fall short for most property management companies for a few reasons.

  • None of them integrate with your property management data

  • They don't track your communications with customers and leads

  • They are separated from your other important systems like your PM Software and CRM which requires significant data entry, more than you should have to do

  • They are built for generic use cases, not for property management, so they will never put in the time and effort to tailor the system toward that specific use case

LeadSimple solves all of these problems.

  • It's built for property managers from the ground up. LeadSimple has and always will be designed for PMs.

  • It combines your CRM (customer and lead management system) with your process automation/checklist platform.

  • It integrates with your property management software to keep your owner, tenant, vendor and property data up to date (that means way less data entry and running around!)

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