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Does LeadSimple's Operations Management System replace my property management software?
Does LeadSimple's Operations Management System replace my property management software?

Learn how LeadSimple's Operations and Processes complement your property management software

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We sometimes get asked if LeadSimple will replace your property management software. In this article, I'll explain how LeadSimple fits together with your property management software.

  • Property managers do a good job of handling the accounting side of property management for you. That's its primary use case.

  • Most PM softwares have several features for managing processes like Lease Renewals, Maintenance/Work Orders, and Accounting Tasks, but they don't allow you to fully document these processes and automate communication. This is where LeadSimple comes in.

The Limitations of Accounting Software

Property management is a process-driven business; it's comprised of several repeatable processes that occur for each property, owner, and tenant at different points in the customer lifecycle. These processes are repeated over and over again in the same way each time (with some variation), so if you're going to be efficient as a company and provide quality services, these processes must be documented.

While PM softwares do a pretty good job of managing accounting, they fall short in the process management department. It lacks the features to fully document, automate, and collaborate on your operational processes.ย 

Here's a few examples:

  • There are no checklist features to help you document all of your processes in a format your team can follow. This means that your team is left on their own to remember what you taught them about how each process should go. Or they have to follow a printed checklist or "standard operating procedure" manual.

  • Managers and broker/owners don't know what work is or isn't happening. Without a consolidated place to manage all your operational processes, you are blind as to what work is or isn't happening in your business and you can't keep tabs of what is on track or off track. This is one of the main reasons some property management companies provide poor customer service.

  • Your team has a lot more work to do. Since most property management softwares don't allow you to effectively document your processes, your team has to keep more information in their heads. They have to remember what steps to follow and which ones to skip, and they have to keep track of all the processes assigned to them (not to mention all the data entry that is added on top of that).

LeadSimple's Operations Management System

LeadSimple's operations management system complements your property management software by providing powerful workflow building tools to help your team document, automate, follow and track all your operational processes.ย 

A few of the things you'll get from LeadSimple are:

  • Workflow builder to document each of your processes (create as many as you need)

  • A view into all the processes that are taking place and which are on track, off track, or overdue.

  • Tracking all your communications about a specific process. That way you can consolidate systems and keep all your calls. emails and texts right in front of you.

  • Integrating your customer data from your PM Software. This keeps your property, owner, tenant and vendor data along side your processes so you don't have to jump between systems.

So in summary, LeadSimple + your property management software compliment each other to help you manage different parts of your business.

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