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Can I import leads and showings from Tenant Turner or ShowMojo?
Can I import leads and showings from Tenant Turner or ShowMojo?

Learn how to automatically import leads and showings from showing softwares and other listing websites.

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LeadSimple's CRM module is built to help property managers work all of their prospects and customers. This includes owners of course, but it also includes tenants and tenant prospects.

Showing softwares do a great job of helping tenants schedule showings. However, they aren't a great solution for managing all of your tenant inquires, and keeping track of calls, emails and text messages with those prospects.

If you want to manage tenants in LeadSimple, it's really easy to get them to automatically import into your account.

Step 1: Create a "Tenant" pipeline

First, you'll need to create a new pipeline called "Tenants", if you haven't already. You can do this in a few easy steps. Skip this if you already have a tenant pipeline.

  1. Click this link to clone LeadSimple's prospective tenant process into your account.

  2. When prompted, choose the "Create New Pipeline" option as you are cloning this content into your account. (see full instructions for cloning here)

  3. Follow the steps.

Step 2: Create sources for your showing and listing sites

Next navigate to Settings > Pipeline Settings > Sources.

Now make sure you are looking at the settings for your "Tenants" pipeline.

Click "Sources" in the sidebar and then click "Add Source".

In the window that appears, give your source a name and select "Automatically import leads via email". Click "Next". You'll see a unique email address LeadSimple generated for this source.

Copy that email address and log in to your Tenant Turner, ShowMojo or other account and set that service to CC or BCC leads to that unique email address.

When you've saved those settings in your showing or listing software, you're all set to go! The next time a tenant schedules a showing or inquires about one of your properties from that source, you'll see a new lead in your LeadSimple account inside the "Tenants" pipeline.

IMPORTANT: Some listing sites will require you to set up an email forwarding rule to auto-import into LeadSimple. It's pretty easy, but here are the instructions.

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