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Is there a max character limit for text messages?
Is there a max character limit for text messages?

Learn about character limits in the text messages you send through LeadSimple.

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If you use LeadSimple's awesome text messaging addon, you might wonder if there's a character limit for the text messages you send.

The answer is YES. The limit is 160 characters per text, according to the standard text message character limits across all service providers.

What if text messages are being split before they hit 160 characters?

Sometimes, you might find text messages on a lead that are split into separate messages, even though the total of the message wasn't equal to 160 characters. You'll find a couple patterns when this happens.

  • These text are almost always inbound text messages from the lead or customer.

  • They are sent this way because the lead hit "send" before they finished typing their whole message (you know, small keyboards are tricky sometimes).

LeadSimple doesn't do anything special to split inbound text messages up so it almost always happens due to the way a lead sends the text.

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