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Do you have pre-built workflows & email templates for me to start with?
Do you have pre-built workflows & email templates for me to start with?

Yes! Learn more about our free sales workflows for owners and tenants, and learn more about other use cases that will be coming soon.

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Yes, we currently offer and include free, pre-built sales processes for owner and tenant leads, complete with stages, workflows, and email and text templates all built out. This gives you a great starting point, and is entirely customizable so you can shape it to fit your process and add more of your own.

There are also templates for all the main operational processes (Owner Onboarding, Property Onboarding, Make Ready, Marketing, Application Screening, Move Ins, Lease Renewals, Move Outs, Inspections, Delinquencies, Evictions, and Management Termination)

Included in the Owner process are 21 stages with 63 templates, including three series of educational email drip campaigns, active sales stages for brand new leads, a new client satisfaction workflow, and lost stages with steps to follow-up with lost leads.

The prospective tenant pipeline has 22 stages and 24 templates.

We plan to add more content for other use cases, such as Buyers, Sellers, Referral marketing, etc, at some point in the near future.

When signing up for your free trial, make sure to check the box to get the Owners content. If you would also like the tenant content, please reach out to and we'll get it into your account for you. (Also, we plan to add both pipelines to the Library soon, so check there to see if you already have access. This help doc has instructions on how to get them into your account.)

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