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What number will leads see when I call them through LeadSimple?
What number will leads see when I call them through LeadSimple?

Learn how call tracking works in LeadSimple.

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By default, people will see whatever number you are calling from, the same as if you were calling them directly. If you have a LeadSimple phone number you can use it as your caller ID. You can also override the default Caller ID to always display your office number, no matter what phone you are calling from.

A note about call notifications about new leads:

When a new lead comes in and LeadSimple calls you about the lead, and you press 1 to call the lead right away, LeadSimple first checks to see if you have any LeadSimple phone numbers. If you do, it will use that number as the caller ID the lead will see. If you have multiple, it will choose the number with the area code closest to the lead's area code. If you do not have any LeadSimple numbers, it will use your default company line (if you've added one), and finally fall back on your actual phone number as the caller ID.

Learn more about how call tracking works in this video:

Also, if you are using our texting & inbound call tracking features, you will have the option to use your tracked LeadSimple number as your caller ID when calling leads. (You can use this feature to mask your cell phone number and also to ensure that leads' inbound calls will be tracked in their activity when they call you back.) Learn more about the texting and inbound call tracking works in this video:

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