PMSync Setup for Rent Manager

Instructions on how to set up PMSync for Rent Manager users

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LeadSimple can now sync your Owners, Tenants, Properties, and Units from Rent Manager, and keep them up to date automatically. Here's how to set that up.

(Note that we cannot currently import vendors from Rent Manager as their default vendor report does not include the necessary information that would be helpful for managing processes in LeadSimple, and it is not currently possible to create custom reports.)

**Please note that due to certain limitations, this is a degraded integration and is currently not available for new connections or new clients.

Step 1: Add new pipelines for your current owners and tenants.

This step is crucial. You will need separate pipelines for your current owners and tenants. You DO NOT want to mix your current owners and tenants with your owner leads and prospective tenants (if you track prospective tenants in LeadSimple), as this will skew your reports and create duplicates.

To add the pipelines you need, click "New Pipeline" under Leads in the lefthand sidebar in LeadSimple. (Note that pipelines are unlimited on the Operations plan.)

Give your pipeline a name (such as PMSync Owners or Rent Manager Owners) and save it.

Repeat Step 1 until you have added a new pipeline for "PMSync Owners" and "PMSync Tenants" before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Finish setting up the integration in LeadSimple.

Go to Settings > Integrations > Property Management Software.

Click "Enable this feature if you haven't already.

Then, click "Connect Your Property Management Software".

Next, select the new pipelines you just added for each relationship. Be sure to map your current clients to the "Signed Contract" stage and your past clients/tenants to "Past Client".

Save the integration and move on to step 3!

Step 3: Setup in Rent Manager

You'll be creating a custom Report Batch in Rent Manager, and scheduling it to be emailed to LeadSimple on a daily basis. The three reports that you'll need are:

  1. Owner Listing Report

  2. Rental Unit Listing Report

  3. Tenant Listing Report

  4. Advanced Contact Listing

First, click on the Reports tab, and open up the Owner Listing Report.

Then open the report in Grid Mode:

Then, make sure that Group is not selected, and customize the columns of the report:

The columns for the Owner Listing Report should be:

  • Owner Name

  • Phone Number: Default

  • Email

  • Property

  • Property Address

  • Property City

  • Property State

  • Property Zip

  • Owner Address

  • Owner City

  • Owner State

  • Owner Zip

  • Contract Start

  • Contract End

  • Owns %

  • Reserve

Save the layout.

Next, open the Rental Unit Listing report:

Make sure that Group is not selected, then update the columns to include:

  • Property

  • Unit

  • Street Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Market Rent

  • Rent Amount

  • Sq Ft

  • Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms

Save the layout.

Next, open the Tenant Listing Report:

Update the columns to include:

  • Tenant Name

  • Phone Number: Default

  • Property

  • Unit

  • Move In

  • Move Out

  • Lease St

  • Lease End

  • Notice Date

Save the layout.

To create the Advanced Contact Listing:

This will help to include the tenant's email address in the report.

From Admin select the Online Template Library

Set up the window that pops up to "Category: Report Writer" and "Type: Tenant" at the top.

In the Search field type Advanced and from there you should see the Advanced Contact Listing report.

Click the button on the right to Download the template, which will be saved in Reports > Report Writer > Tenant.

A few notes:

  • The Advanced Contact Listing report must be sent to LeadSimple in XLSX, not CSV. This will require making two batches of scheduled reports.

  • Make sure that the Advanced Contact Listing only includes current tenants, not past or future.

Next, create a report batch and name it LeadSimple PMSync:

Navigate to Manage Report Batches:

Create a new batch, and call it LeadSimple PMSync.

Include the following reports in the batch:

  • Owners > Owner Listing

  • Listings > Tenant Listing

  • Listings > Rental Unit Listing

Click the Save button to save your progress.

Edit the Batch Settings for each report in the batch, making sure that the As of Date field is set to Today. Leave all of the Ask boxes unchecked.

Save the batch. Then click Schedule.

You can find your PMSync email address on this page in your LeadSimple account. Click on the link that says "View Setup Instructions":

Copy the email address into the To field in your Rent Manager window. Make sure that the file Format is set to CSV. We recommend scheduling the report to run Daily.

Click Save.

Now that your Owner Listing, Tenant Listing, and Rental Unit Listing reports are scheduled, repeat the above process for the Advanced Contact Listing report.

Create a new batch, and call it LeadSimple PMSync - ACL.

When you create a new batch, include Listings > Advanced Contact Listing.

The only difference in scheduling is to make sure the file format is set to XLSX, not CSV.

Finally, navigate back to LeadSimple>Settings>Integrations>Property Management Software, and click on "sync now" to begin synchronization.

Note that it will say "Data not Importing - Set Up Required" until the first report comes in from Rent Manager tomorrow morning.

That's it! Your report will run the following morning, and LeadSimple will sync the records into your account. Future changes will also be synced.

If you have any questions related to this, please contact, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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