Using Clickable Merge Tags

Learn how to use clickable merge tags to improve your processes.

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Clickable merge tags are a great way make sure that you have all information to complete a operation workflow such as the leasing or move out process. The merge tags will pull any needed information from the client and properties. If the information hasn't been filled out, you can add it directly to the instructions via the tag.

Adding Merge Tags

As you add instructions to your process workflow tasks, you can pull in necessary information via merge tags.

To add a merge tag to your processing instructions, click on the merge icon {...} in the bottom left of the text box. A list of potential merge tags will show. Add the tag and save.

Using Merge Tags

Now that you know how to add merge tags to your task instructions, let's walk through how to use them.

Navigate to a client's active process. The current tasks will be shown. If a task has further instructions, it can be accessed by clicking the three lines.

Once you click the task instructions, you will see the merge tag ({{process.received_intake_forms}}). To answer the question, click on the merge tag and a pop-up will allow you to answer within the task. Choose the correct drop-down and save. This information will be now be saved with your client or lead.

If the information was attached to the lead, the merge tag will automatically populate the merge tag for you.

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