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Zapier Tutorial: Create Leads from Facebook Ads
Zapier Tutorial: Create Leads from Facebook Ads

Learn how to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with LeadSimple to create leads automatically

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Learn how to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with LeadSimple to create leads automatically in this video:

Building your Zap

Here's a quick outline of the process we're going to follow to build this zap today:

  • Sign up for a Zapier account (if you haven't already)

  • Create and name your Zap

  • Add the trigger in Facebook (new lead)

  • Connect your Facebook account

  • Define the action in LeadSimple (create lead)

  • Connect your LeadSimple account

  • Test & Review

  • Set your zap live

Step 1: Create your own Zap and Choose Trigger

While logged into your Zapier account, click on this template link. It will look like this:

Give it a name to make it easy to find if you need to update it later. We recommend "Facebook Ads to LeadSimple.

The first step is selecting our trigger. The trigger is already selected as "New Lead." Next, we need to connect our Facebook account to Zapier. Click Continue and then click "Sign into Facebook."

Pull in your company page

Under form, select the applicable Lead Form. You can have multiple zaps if you have different lead forms.

Now that we've defined the trigger we want from Facebook, let's set up and customize what will happen in LeadSimple.

Find Create Lead in LeadSimple should be the action selected with the action event being "Create Lead." Hit Continue.

Step 2: Choose Connected App

The first step is selecting what app will be connected to Facebook. If not already present, choose LeadSimple with the action “Create Lead”. Choose your LeadSimple account. (If it is your first time connecting LeadSimple, follow these instructions to find your API Key.)

After connecting LeadSimple, we need to set up what information is part of creating the lead.

Recommended Fields:

  • Pipeline (Required)

  • Stage (Required)

  • Source (Required)

  • Tag (with the word "zapier" to know when a lead has been updated automatically)

  • Full Name

  • Email

  • Mobile Phone Number

  • Mailing Address Fields

  • Property Address Fields

  • Comments

Optional Fields:

  • Cost (Enter the cost per click)

  • Value (Enter the yearly value of the lead)

After filling out your desired fields, click either Test & Review or Test & Continue, to send the test lead to LeadSimple. Check your LeadSimple account to see if the lead has populated correctly.

If you have any trouble setting up this zap or have suggestions for other zaps you would like to see tutorials on, let us know using the chatbox in the right corner or reach out to

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