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Why can't I make outbound calls?

Learn what to check for if you are unable to make calls through LeadSimple.

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With LeadSimple, you can track outbound calls automatically; initiate the call in LeadSimple and the system will call you first and then connect you to the lead. (Learn more about how this works here.)

However, perhaps you are trying to use this feature and are having trouble. If you aren't getting a call when you click the "Call" button in LeadSimple, check the following to see if any of these things are the issue.

Is your phone number correct?

The first thing to check is whether the phone number in your profile is correct. (No joke! This is the most common reason why our calls don't get through. πŸ˜‰)

Start by clicking into your profile in LeadSimple. Scroll down to the Phone Numbers section.

Check and confirm that there are no typos in your phone number.

If you are using your office number, do you have an extension?

If your number is correct and you are using your office line, the next thing to check is to make sure that your direct extension is in LeadSimple. Otherwise LeadSimple's call will get stuck on your phone tree and won't get through to you.

If your office line doesn't have a phone tree and instead rings you directly, you don't have to add an extension.

Check to be sure LeadSimple's number isn't being blocked by your phone or phone provider

If both of the above are correct, check to make sure that LeadSimple's number isn't on your block list on your phone or your phone provider (Ring Central, Dialpad, etc)

To identify your account's unique phone number, click into one of your leads in LeadSimple and check out the contact on the righthand side.

If the contact has a phone number, you will see another number under their's with an extension and (LeadSimple) after it. That is the phone number you will receive calls from LeadSimple from (both for new leads and also when you make outbound calls.)

Here's an example:

Now, check your block list to make sure this number isn't being blocked:

  • Google Voice - Note that if your Google voice number forwards calls directly to your phone and you don't see LeadSimple's number in the block list on Google Voice, you need to check your phone itself to see if it is blocked there.

Also confirm that your LeadSimple phone numbers are not blocked.

Make Sure No Third-Party Apps are Blocking LeadSimple's Phone Number

And finally, if you've confirmed your phone number is correct, the right extension is listed (if applicable), and your phone itself isn't blocking LeadSimple's number, check to make sure no third-party apps are blocking LeadSimple's phone number. Some users have reported apps like YouMail preventing them from making outbound calls or receiving inbound calls.

If you've checked the above and are still having problems, reach out to support directly at, (888) 626-3259 (option 2), or via the chatbox in the corner of this page. We'll be happy to help you out!

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