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Restarting a Workflow when a Lead/Process Completes all the Steps
Restarting a Workflow when a Lead/Process Completes all the Steps

Learn how to restart a workflow for a given lead or process so it doesn't slip through the cracks

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Sometimes a workflow needs to be restarted on a given lead or process to repeat the tasks in that workflow. LeadSimple's auto-advance-stage step at the end of each of your workflows can be used to do just that.

First, read this πŸ‘‡

Restarting a workflow only works if the first tasks in the workflow were completed over 30 days ago. If they were, those tasks will be generated on the lead or process. If they were completed less than 30 days ago, however, they will not show up on the lead or process when the workflow is restarted. The best workaround for this is to configure the delays on each of your steps so that the total time the process takes is over 30 days. Learn more about step delays here.

Restarting the "property listed" workflow

Your property marketing process might look something like this (see screenshot below), where you are checking on the property every week and updating the owner on applications, showings, etc...

Rather than creating a long running process that goes on and on for hundreds of days, you can restart the process using the auto-advance step at the bottom of the workflow.

This way, as soon as you complete all the tasks in this stage the system will start the process at the beginning of the workflow again.

Move the process to a different stage

However, if a property has been on the market for over 60 days, it's probably time to figure out why. To do this, you should consider moving the process into a different stage that reminds you to review the property and determine why it has not leased yet.

This stage could simply have a todo task to remind you to review the property.

Restarting nurturing campaigns for cold leads

Sometimes leads go cold (become unresponsive, not ready to buy, just wanted information), and using a long term email campaign to send helpful content to those leads and stay on the top their mind is a MUST.

However, if your marketing campaign completes and those leads still have not closed, you can restart the marketing campaign over so they continue to get your emails until they're ready to have a sales conversation.

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