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How Do I Update My Reports & Sales Forecast for Accuracy?
How Do I Update My Reports & Sales Forecast for Accuracy?

Edit created at/closed at dates for leads so that a new import doesn't inaccurately affect your sales forecast.

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When you are just getting started with LeadSimple, you will likely have a list of leads and current clients you will want to import into LeadSimple. (Here's the help article on how to format your spreadsheet and send to us for import!)

However, when you import current clients into your LeadSimple account, they are counted as won deals, created at and closed on the date they were imported. This can throw off your reporting and your sales forecasting dashboard, (showing that you closed far more leads in a month than you actually did) but it doesn't have to stay that way! (Read this for more information about the sales forecast dashboard.)

There are couple of ways you can remedy your reports:

1. Include the created at and closed at dates in the original spreadsheet prior to importing (this is included in the instructions for formatting the spreadsheet).

2. Exclude the first month of use from the reports.

3. Update the created at and closed at dates for the leads/clients. Ensure you update both created at and closed at dates, as accurate sales forecasting depends on both of these.

Updating the Created/Closed At Dates on Leads

Go to the lead's page and click the edit option for Details.

On the Edit Deal Menu, update the created at/closed at dates, then click Save.

A few things to keep in mind:
- The created date is when your company got the lead, the closed at date is when the lead became a client.
- Closed At will only appear if the client/lead is in a won or lost stage in LeadSimple.

And you're done! Adjusting the created at/closed at dates of clients you recently imported into LeadSimple will ensure that your reports and sales forecasting is accurate.

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