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What is Inbox?
What is Inbox?

Learn about LeadSimple's new shared communication management tool: Inbox.

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LeadSimple has tackled two of the problems property management companies face on a daily basis - lead management and process management. LeadSimple's new Inbox is taking on a third piece of the puzzle - communication management.

Many teams struggle with gaining clarity into all inbound customer communications, organizing & routing those communications, ensuring they are responded to quickly, and triggering the necessary internal processes that they require.

That is where Inbox comes in!

With Inbox, teams and departments can use collaborative, shared inboxes that handle not only customer emails, but also texts and phone calls. Team members can then claim unassigned inbound conversations, reply to them, snooze to reply later, close them when they're resolved. For conversations that require additional work, you can trigger any necessary processes directly from those conversations.

When customer emails are removed from the silos of your team member's personal inboxes, managers are able see what conversations are assigned to their team, track response times, measure workload and delegate effectively.

By default Inbox only includes communications directly from leads, owners, tenants, and vendors, so it acts as a filter to hide noisy, unimportant emails, keep the team in the loop, and ensure that no client communication is missed. This can be configured differently to your preference.

Stop being buried in your inbox and get back to productivity today with the all-new Inbox!

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