Send Leads to LeadSimple Manually

Learn how to send leads to LeadSimple manually so they can be parsed into the software automatically.

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Most lead sources send you leads in an email, which can be set up to auto-import directly into LeadSimple (instructions here).

However, there are times when you will need to add leads to LeadSimple manually, such as when a lead calls in on your direct office line.

However, there is a third option. You may have other team members who don't have a LeadSimple account, but who do take calls, and you would like them to still be able to add leads to LeadSimple for you. They can do this by sending an email (in a specific format) to a LeadSimple source email and they will auto-import in just as if they had submitted a form on your website or come in from a different lead source!

This method can also be used to manually send tenant leads, referral leads, etc, to LeadSimple.

Step 1: Set up a source in LeadSimple

The first step is to add a source to your lead pipeline in LeadSimple.

Click Settings > Pipeline Settings in the lefthand sidebar. Then make sure that you are looking at the correct pipeline using the drop down menu in the top left.

Then click "Sources" in the lefthand sidebar of this page.

Next, click "Add Source". Give your source a name and check off the box next to "automatically import leads via email".

Then, click "Next". In the next window, you will see an email address that you will want to copy. This is the email address leads should be sent to to have them auto-import into LeadSimple.

Now that you have the email address, let's move on to the correct format to send these emails in and how to set up the format as a template in your email account.

Step 2: Add a template to your email account to make sending leads to LeadSimple easy

Here is the format that you need to use to manually send leads to LeadSimple via email:

Recipient: Paste the email address you copied in the previous step (since most email providers don't let you save this for email templates, you could include instructions in the body of the email)

Subject: New Lead



Phone Number:




Zip Code:


You will want to add this as a template to your email account to make sending leads to LeadSimple this way super easy.

Here's instructions on how to do that for the most common email providers:

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