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How Do I Stop Personal Emails from Being Tracked in LeadSimple?
How Do I Stop Personal Emails from Being Tracked in LeadSimple?

Learn how to stop LeadSimple from tracking your personal emails in your account.

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LeadSimple automatically tracks emails related to contacts in your account (you can learn more about that here).
In rare cases, this feature can accidentally import private emails that LeadSimple users don't want other users to see.

(For example, if a broker owns some properties under a personal email address, LeadSimple will track communications with that email address like any other contact.)

If your private emails are being tracked in the system, here's how to prevent that!

  1. Add any work or personal email addresses to your user profile in LeadSimple.

2. Click "Connect."

3. After you click "Connect," LeadSimple will take you to your email login page. Go back to the previous page to leave the email unconnected.

Your personal email should now look like this on your profile page:

The email is now added, but not connected. This associates it with you (the user) as a secondary email address. Now, LeadSimple will not track any messages from that email address, even if that address is on a contact in your account!

And that's how you stop personal emails from being tracked in LeadSimple! If you have any questions, reach out to us via the chat box in the corner or email and we'll be happy to assist you!

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