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How does reporting work when a current owner brings on another property?
How does reporting work when a current owner brings on another property?

Learn how to track every property that an owner brings on for your sales reports.

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So, you're using LeadSimple to organize your leads, manage your followup, and track your close rates. Awesome!

But what should you do when a current owner wants to bring on an additional property? How do you track that property so it counts towards your sales numbers for the month it actually closed in, rather than the month when the original property closed?

Current Owner Bringing on an Additional Property

To answer that question, we need to take a second to talk about how to think about leads in LeadSimple: think of them as deals, or relationships, not as simply contacts.

For example, the same contact might be both an owner of a property you manage and a seller of another property through your brokerage. Those are two different relationships; two different deals, but with the same contact. The same thing goes for tenants who are also looking to buy a property: two different deals.

So, in this case, you can think of the new property your current client is bringing on as a separate deal, with its own close date. Just because the owner is the same doesn't mean the deal is the same!

So, that said, we recommend adding a new lead (or deal) for the additional property (or properties) that a current client is bringing on, rather than adding the new property to the original deal. Use the same contact for the deal, but with different created at and closed at dates. This will allow the reporting for those new doors you are adding on to be accurate for the month they were closed in.

To help differentiate the deals, you can include a hyphen in the name of the lead to include the property address:

Or customize your lead dashboard to include the property address as a column:

New Owner with Multiple Properties

However, when a new client comes to you with multiple properties at the same time that they are looking to have you manage for them, it works just fine for both properties to have the same close date. You closed one lead, and two doors.

In that case, you want to make sure to add both properties to the lead and also update the number of doors that lead has in the details section in the sidebar.

This will ensure that your closed business report will be accurate, showing that you closed one lead and two doors in that month.

As always, if you have any questions about this, reach out and we'll help you out! You can use the chatbox in the bottom righthand corner of this page ---------> or email us at!

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