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Can I send one-off texts or emails from a lead, process, or contact page?
Can I send one-off texts or emails from a lead, process, or contact page?

Learn how to send a one-off text or email from a lead's page, a contact page, or a process.

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Sometimes you may want to send a one-off text or email to a lead from their lead page, their contact card, or in a process you're working on. This article will show you how to do that!

Sending a One-Off Text or Email On a Lead's Page

To send a one-off email or text from a lead's page, you have two options. The first is:
1. Click on the EMAIL or TEXT buttons.

2. For an email, this will bring up the email window. (A text works similarly). You can even use a template or add an attachment! (For more about managing email templates, read this article).

The second option is to go to the lead's contact card on the right-hand side and click on the lead's email address or "Text". This will bring up the text or email window. Compose your message, hit SEND, and you're done!

Scheduling a One-Off Automated Email or Text to Send

You can send a one-off automatic text or email from a lead's page. We'll use an email for this example (scheduling a text works the same way).

Click on the + Add Task button.

Select "Email" on the Task Type menu. You'll then be able to attach a template, check the "Send automatically when due" box, assign the task to a user, and schedule the send date/time.

For an automated text or email to work, a template must be attached and a task assignee must be selected, otherwise LeadSimple doesn't know who to send the email from.

*Note that the automated emails feature is only available on the Growth or Operations plan.

Now the blue lightning bolt icon appears next to the task to indicate this email will send automatically when it is due.

Sending a One-Off Email or Text From a Process

Sending a one-off email or text in a process can involve more steps. This is to encourage users to follow the process as closely as possible. If you find that your team is often sending similar one-off emails or texts in a process, consider adding it as a task to your process workflow.

On the rare occasion a one-off text or email needs to be sent, you have two options. Here's the first:

  1. Click on the contact's email address or the "Text" link to open the email or text window.

  2. Type your text or email, hit SEND and you're done!

The second option is to use the Add Task Button to create an Email or SMS task.

  1. Click the + Add Task Button.

  2. Click on the Task Type box.

  3. Select Email or Sms (for this example, we'll use email, but these steps apply to sending a text as well).

  4. Now you have options to attach a template, assign the task to someone, and set a due at date. Once you're done, hit Save.

  5. Now the Email task has been created! Click on the green envelope to open the email window, use a template or type your message, and send!

How to Send a One-Off Email or Call from a Contact Page

You cannot send a text from a contact page, but you can place an email or call to a contact. Simply click on either their phone number or email address and the call or email window will pop up!

And that's it! If you have questions, reach out to us via chat or email and we'll be happy to help you!

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