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Learn how to use contact merge tags or property street merge tag to help name your processes!

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Want to customize the name of your processes? For example, you may want to call Owner Onboarding processes “Onboarding for [owner name]” instead of “Onboarding for [property street]".

Now you can use a limited set of contact role merge tags as well as the property street in the process name field!

Step 1: Set Contact Roles (if you haven't yet)

In order to use contact role merge tags in your process name, you first have to set up contact roles (do so by following the steps in this article).

Step 2: Rename the Process With A New Merge Tag

Once your contact roles are set, you can rename the process with a new merge tag!

  1. Go to the process you want to set up contact roles for, then click Settings, then General.

  2. Click on the Singular Name field.

  3. The default name for this process involves the Property Street merge tag. If you want to change it, remove the "property street" merge tag and click the merge tag option.

  4. Select the merge field you'd like to use in the process name from the list, then click SAVE.

  5. Now the name of this process will be "Owner Onboarding for Owner Name"!

  6. Start a process and add the owner contact to that process.

  7. Once the owner contact is added, the process name will include that owner's name!

  8. Here's what it looks like from the process dashboard page.

Customizing the Process Name After Starting the Process

If you started a process without adding a contact, you can easily add a contact and their name to the process name.

  1. Click into the process and add the owner to the Owner Contact (notice when there's no owner contact, the merge field will be blank).

  2. Once the owner contact is selected, the contact card will look like this:

  3. To get the owner's name to populate in the process name, hover over the process name and click the pencil icon (the pencil icon will be to the right of the process name. It doesn't show in the screenshot).

  4. Click on Fill Merge Tags.

  5. Now the process name matches the owner contact name! Click SAVE and you're done!

And that's how you customize the name of a process! If you have any questions, reach out via the chat box in your LeadSimple account, or email We'll be happy to help!

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