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How to Edit Property Information
How to Edit Property Information

Learn how to edit your property's information once the property has been already created.

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There are two ways you can edit a property's information:

From the Lead Page

To edit the property information from the lead page, click on the pen icon on the properties section of the lead page.


Here you can Edit:

  • Property Info

  • Unit Info

  • Custom Fields

From the Properties Page

To edit a property from this page just simply locate the property you want to edit (you can add filters or activate search by hitting CTRL+/ on the keyboard to narrow down your results) and click on in.

From here you can:

  • Add a unit.

  • Edit property details.

  • See the leads under this property.

  • See the processes in which this property is present.

  • Upload Photos of the property.

  • Edit Custom Fields.


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