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Can data on a process custom field/merge tag be used across multiple processes?
Can data on a process custom field/merge tag be used across multiple processes?

Learn how data from processes in a custom field/merge tag is copied into a sub-process.

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Sometimes it is useful to have a process custom field shared across multiple processes. This will also allow data to carry over to another process.

How Data Copies Over from a Process to a Sub-Process

In our example, we want our move in date custom field value to carry over from our applications process to our move in process. Two things are required for the data to carry over:

  • The move in date process custom field must be shared with both processes

  • The move in process must be a sub-process of the applications process.

If both of the above are true and the desired move in date custom field has a value in the applications process, that move in date will then copy over to that custom field in the applications sub-process.

First, let's define a few terms. There are multiple types of custom fields (property, contact, unit, and process custom fields), but we will be talking about process custom fields specifically. For more about the types of custom fields, see this article.

Definition: Process Custom Field

A process custom field holds data that pertains to information needed for the process. Because of this, the field is attached to the process itself.

Definition: Process vs. Sub-Process

A sub-process is any process that is triggered from another process. In our example, the move in process could be triggered from the applications process.

Share Custom Field Across Processes

Custom fields can be shared between processes. In our example, a shared custom field means the field can be used in both the applications and move in processes.

If I Change the Data in the Sub-Process, Will That Change the Data in the Parent Process?

Since the data merely copies over, changing the value in the move in sub-process will not affect the value in the applications process (the parent process). You can edit the value of a shared custom field in a sub-process and it will not affect the data in the parent process.

Using the move in date custom field, for instance, if we edit the move in date value in the move in process, it won't change the date on that field in the applications process, because the move in process is a sub-process of the applications process.

We hope this was a helpful overview of how process custom field values transfer between processes!

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