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How does LeadSimple assign conversations?
How does LeadSimple assign conversations?
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How does LeadSimple assign conversations?

Emails, texts, or calls that are sent to an email or phone inbox that only one user is assigned to will create conversations that are assigned to that user.

Emails, texts, or calls sent to a shared email or phone inbox are assigned as follows:

  • If the message is brand new (new email thread, brand new text or call), it will be left “Unassigned” until a user replies, or manually assigns it to themselves (replying to an unassigned conversation automatically assigns it to you).

  • If the message is a part of an existing email, call, or text thread, the conversation will be assigned to the user who is already assigned to that conversation.

You can also create custom routing and assignment rules based on specific criteria using Zapier. Learn more about how to do that here.

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