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Can I send messages on behalf of another user?
Can I send messages on behalf of another user?
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Can I send messages on behalf of another user?

Yes. If a conversation is in a shared inbox you and the other user both have access to, you may filter the inbox to see that user’s conversations and send a message in that conversation.

However, if the conversation is in an inbox you do not have access to (i.e. the other user’s personal email account) you are not able to see that conversation or reply to it.

If you want two users to be able to send from a shared email address without adding the email address to a pipeline/process type, you can connect it as a shared email account from the Inbox settings and give specific users access to it by editing the email account once it’s connected. For example, this would allow multiple users to send on your behalf from your personal business email address. This would be useful in a sales context where an assistant may need to “spoof” the BDM when sending replies to leads on their behalf.

NOTE that connecting an email account as shared in LeadSimple will share all emails that are sent to that email address with the users who have access to it. If there are any emails it receives that you do not want in LeadSimple, we recommend not connecting it as a shared email account.

Your Gmail or Outlook email addresses need to be a standalone Google or Microsoft user account in order for LeadSimple to be able to connect to them. Email aliases, distribution lists and Microsoft's "shared mailboxes" are much more complex to connect to LeadSimple, and often create issues.

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