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How to Text or Email All Contacts in a Contact Role

Learn how to text or email all contacts in a contact role.

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Sometimes in a process, you have multiple owners, tenants, or applicants involved in the process and you'd like to send a text or email to all contacts in that role (example: text all tenants).

Note: The ability to text or automatically email multiple leads or prospects in a sales pipeline is not currently available since contact roles cannot be set for a sales pipeline.

Add the Text Task to Your Workflow and Make it Automatic

Texting all contacts in a role only works for automatic text messages, so you will need to add a text step to your workflow, attach a template, and make it automatic, then set the contact role to your desired role (ie: Owners, Tenants).

Note: To set a text to send to a contact role, the contact roles must first be created on a process. Learn how to set up contact roles here.

Mark All Contacts as Primary

The second step is to navigate to your process page and mark all contacts as primary by clicking the star icon on their contact card.

Note: All contacts in a role must be marked as primary for an automatic email to be sent to the contacts. This applies to texts and automatic emails.

Now the automated text message to the Applicants role will send one separate text to each applicant marked as primary!

If you'd like to send a group text to all contacts in a contact role, vote on this feature request.

If you have any questions, please reach out via chat, email, or call 888-626-3259 option 2 for support.

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