How @ Mentions Work

Learn how to notify your other team members in notes

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Ever want to add a note to a lead or a process and make sure that a certain teammate sees it?

Enter @mentions!

Use this tool to mention another teammate in a note to make sure they see it. This will notify them via email and also as a notification within LeadSimple. Mentions can be used anywhere notes are available - in leads, processes, and in conversations in the Inbox.

To Add a Mention

To add a note to a lead or process, click the "Note" button.

Just click the @ symbol in the note editor bar, or type @ in the body of the note. That will pull up a list of all teammates who have access to that pipeline, process, or inbox channel (depending on where you are leaving the note).

You can use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to go up and down the list and then click enter on your selection, or simply click the name.

Then, type the rest of the note.

Hit save and you will see your note in the activity on that lead or process.

The same thing applies for conversations in the Inbox - notes are available for all types of conversations: emails, texts, and calls.

The person you mentioned will receive an email notification and a notification within LeadSimple itself.

Find the notification center to the right of the search bar in LeadSimple:

Click "Mark all as read" to remove the red badge on the notification bell. The mentions will still be visible in the notification center even after marked as read.

Remember that if you have a task you need another team member to do, it is better to just create a manually added, one-off task for them on the lead or process, assign it to them, and set a reminder to make sure they see & complete the task.

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