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Why does LeadSimple limit conditional logic on completed processes?
Why does LeadSimple limit conditional logic on completed processes?

Conditional logic is only applied for completed or canceled processes for 30 days. Find out why.

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If you add a conditional step to a completed or canceled process stage, you will see this warning at the top of the page:

The workflow below contains conditional logic. Because this is a completed/canceled stage, these conditions will only be applied to tasks for 30 days after a process enters this stage.

In this article, I'll explain both what this means and why it works this way.

What it means

When a process enters a completed or canceled stage, any conditional logic on the steps in that process will only work for 30 days after the date and time when it entered the stage.

After those 30 days are up, the conditional logic will no longer apply. Some tasks may appear on the process after that point, even if the conditional logic says that they should not. Tasks that should have appeared after an update will remain hidden.

Effectively, conditional logic will no longer function on these processes after 30 days.

Why does it work this way?

It works this way for two reasons:

First, without this behavior, old tasks on old completed processes could be "revived" in the future if one of the conditions changes. For example, you could change the value of a custom field on one of your properties, and suddenly see a bunch of tasks appear in your task list from processes that you completed over a year ago. Those tasks were dormant, hidden by the condition, but when you changed the property field they were conditional on, it would reveal them.

Second, we can't disable conditional logic on completed/canceled processes entirely, because there are many kinds of processes that really need to have conditional tasks in these stages.

So instead, completed processes can have conditional logic on them, but this conditional logic stops being applied after 30 days, to avoid reviving old tasks that are no longer relevant.

If you have feedback for us on this, please reach out to our support team. We'd be happy to hear it.

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