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What format should new leads be in when they are sent to LeadSimple?
What format should new leads be in when they are sent to LeadSimple?

Learn how to format the new-lead notification email so that LeadSimple imports the data into the correct fields.

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This is related to sources and importing leads automatically. We recommend reading it first, before reading this one.

If you are automatically importing your leads from your sources, LeadSimple will pull in the information from the new-lead email it receives and save it in the appropriate fields on the leads (i.e. the name becomes the lead's name in LeadSimple, the phone number saves in the phone field, etc...).

While LeadSimple is quite good at detecting where information should be saved on the lead, in some cases it does not recognize the format of the new-lead email and won't pull all the information into the right fields.

But in most cases, you can easily fix this by customizing the format of the new-lead notification email that is sent to LeadSimple.

Customizing New-Lead Notification Emails

If you control the form these leads are coming from (i.e. the form is from your website, not Zillow,, etc...) you, or the marketing agency that manages your website, can change the format of the notification email that is sent every time the form is filled out.

Here is the ideal format the email should follow:

  1. Use common names to label fields. E.g. use "Name" for the name field, "Email Address" for the email field, "Comments" for a free-form text field, etc...

  2. Field labels should be capitalized. E.g. "Name" instead of "name"

  3. Put each field on its own line in the email.

  4. Send a plain text version of the email, instead of an HTML version. This is not possible on all website platforms, but if you have the option this will help.

If these are all in place, LeadSimple should be able to recognize and save data to the correct fields on the lead.

What If I Want To Import Custom Data Fields?

If you are sending data in the new-lead notification email from the website form that does not have a directly corresponding field in LeadSimple (e.g. maybe you want to pull in a "Pets" field, but LeadSimple doesn't have a native field for "Pets"), we can sometimes accommodate this, usually by importing the data into a custom field.

Reach out to us via chat or to see if this is possible in your specific case.

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