How to turn off a PMSync integration

If, for example, you switched from the PMSync Buildium integration to the direct API integration, you'll need to turn off the PMSync one.

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If, for example, you switched from using the PMSync integration with Buildium to use the direct API integration with Buildium, you'll need to turn off your old PMSync integration to prevent any data duplication. Or, if you just switched to a different property management software, you'll need to connect your new property management software to LeadSimple in place of the old one.

If this πŸ‘† is not you, we strongly discourage proceeding with the instructions below. Contact us with questions.

How to turn PMSync off

As an admin, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into LeadSimple

  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Property Management Software

  3. Click the delete/trash button on the integration itself

  4. Click the delete/trash button in the confirmation window that appears

And you're done.

Once this is done, LeadSimple will no longer sync data from your property management software via PMSync, though it will continue syncing data if you are using our direct API integration with Buildium or set up a connection to a different property management software via PMSync.

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